What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

No dental emergencies ever happen when it’s convenient. Fortunately,  Even better, “emergency dentistry” and “affordable dental care” are synonymous at East Indy. Basically, if it happens suddenly and causes debilitating pain or if it threatens the health of the tooth, it’s an emergency and needs to be addressed immediately.

An abscess, chipped or broken tooth, dislodged tooth (partially knocked-out), knocked-out tooth, lost crown or filling, objects lodged between teeth or severe toothaches all mean you need to get to the dentist as soon as possible. If there’s damage or loss, gather the pieces and get to the dentist — a lost tooth can be reinserted, but success rates drop fast after an hour; crowns can be repaired; lost fillings need to be replaced. An abscess is doubly dangerous, it’s an infection that can damage a tooth or spread to other parts of the body.

Generally speaking, over-the-counter pain relievers — acetaminophen, aspirin or ibuprofen — can relieve some of the pain temporarily, but that’s no substitute for dental care. And never place aspirin directly on an aching tooth, the aspirin can burn your gum tissues.


Affordable Emergency Dental Care

No one puts “emergency dental care” in their monthly budget and we never want to turn a patient away for financial reasons. We always strive for affordable dental care and we’ve made it our business to provide options that can work for your situation.

CareCredit is a nationally-recognized dental credit option through which you can finance your emergency dental treatment. Since 1987, CareCredit and their 200,000 healthcare provider partners have helped millions of Americans afford unexpected tooth care as well as elective and cosmetic dentistry and general medical expenses.

Likewise, East Indy Dental Care has in-house financing for Indianapolis dental patients with no insurance — providing flexible access to quality dental care for the whole family. Our in-house plan has a low annual membership for individuals which includes preventive appointments and exams and offers discounts on all restorative treatments. Additional family members can be enrolled for a reduced membership fee.


The Best Emergency Dentist in Indianapolis

When evaluating any products or services, you should look at the whole package. East Indy Dental Care serves the greater Indianapolis area with a full range of affordable family dental treatments. Our team of professionals comes equipped with the credentials and experience to serve you. We strive for pain-free dentistry and when-you-need-it emergency dental care. Contact us today for more information!