Dental issues are a common problem that can cause discomfort and pain. They can range from cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay to more serious issues such as root canal treatments and implants. Poor dental hygiene, genetics, diet, and lifestyle choices can all contribute to dental issues. It is important to take preventive measures to reduce the risk of developing dental problems. Regular visits to a dentist for check-ups and cleaning are essential for maintaining good oral health. If you experience any signs of dental issues such as pain or sensitivity in your teeth, it is important to seek professional help immediately.

With today’s technology, dental restorations have become more convenient. Most of the dental issues that we usually deal with can now be easily treated and one example of a popular dental restoration procedure is a solution for missing teeth which is dental crowns.

Restorative Dental Crowns

Crown Pic

As teeth break down or decay, they may finally reach a point where they can no longer support regular use without the risk of fracturing down any further. Restorative dental crowns are an important tool for restoring the health and function of teeth. They provide a layer of protection to damaged or decayed teeth, helping to protect them from further damage. Dental crowns can also be used to restore the appearance of teeth, giving them a natural look and feel. In addition, they can help improve the overall health of your mouth by reducing bacteria growth and preventing further damage from occurring.

Crowns are a restorative option that preserves tooth function for several more years.

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What is a Crown?

Crowns cover the entire tooth surface that is visible above the gum lines. They are sometimes called “caps.” Each crown is designed to resemble the teeth next to it, so that it restores aesthetics as well as form. East Indy Dental Care uses high-grade materials that are durable yet look like natural tooth enamel for dental crowns. Ceramic crowns, metal crowns, or porcelain crowns are the usual option for this – whether you need an temporary crown or a permanent crown.

Ceramic crown

A ceramic crown is a type of dental crown that is made from ceramic material. They are an excellent choice for restoring teeth that have been damaged or decayed due to injury or disease. Ceramic crowns provide a durable, natural-looking solution for restoring teeth and can last up to 15 years with proper care. They are also biocompatible, meaning they won’t cause any allergic reactions in the body. Ceramic crowns can be used to replace old metal crowns and hold dental bridges between missing or broken teeth. They can also be used to cover up discolored tooth.

When Do Teeth Need Crowns?

When dealing with dental issues such as cracked or broken tooth due to teeth grinding or other reasons , dental implants is what usually comes into our mind to be the best solution. It still depends on the situation. Dental crowns are a common dental restoration used to repair and strengthen teeth that have been damaged, decayed, or weakened. Dental crowns are typically used when a tooth is too weak to support a filling or when the tooth needs to be restored to its original shape and size. Crowns can also be used for cosmetic purposes, such as changing the color or shape of a tooth as they could look like natural teeth. It is important to understand when it is necessary to get a dental crown in order to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and strong for years to come.

Some of the most common reasons a tooth may need a crown include:

  • Teeth that are treated with a root canal
  • Large, failing restorations
  • Fractured enamel
  • Trauma
  • Deep, severe decay

Indianapolis Porcelain Crowns

Our Indianapolis dental crowns are usually made of porcelain. Porcelain makes your dental crown both functional as well as serve a cosmetic purpose. Whether it your front teeth or other teeth, your newly restored tooth will be durable and beautiful all at the same time as it has the natural appearance of the teeth. In our Indianapolis dentist office we use quality porcelain materials that withstand normal biting and chewing function. Each porcelain fused crown is custom matched to look like the teeth next to it!

If you think this is what you need, East Indy Dental Care is here for your dental needs so call us today for an appointment.

Cost of Crown Treatments

Many people avoid getting dental treatment because of the cost. Our Indianapolis dental crowns protect your tooth so that you don’t need more expensive treatments later on. If you carry dental insurance, we can apply those coverage amounts toward your dental crown treatment.

For amounts left over that may not be covered by insurance, or for Indianapolis patients who do not have dental coverage – we invite you to check out our flexible financing options. Our Indianapolis dental office makes financing your crown easy to do. Make affordable monthly payments and get fast approval, so that your smile needs are not put off before it is too late.

Keeping You Comfortable During Treatment

All dental crown treatments are performed by first numbing the tooth that is being worked on. That way you do not experience any discomfort or sensitivity. You can also request sedation dentistry at our Indianapolis office to help you relax!

The Crown Procedure


Since dental crowns are a common dental procedure used to restore the shape, size, and strength of teeth that have been damaged by decay or trauma, they are also used to support dental bridges, cover a dental implant, correct an irregular bite, or protect weak tooth.

Dental bridges on the other hand are a common dental restoration used to replace missing teeth. They are made up of two or more dental crowns that are fused together and placed over the gaps left by missing tooth or teeth. The crowns act as anchors to hold the bridge in place and provide a stable, natural-looking replacement for the missing tooth or teeth. Dental bridges can be made from various materials, including porcelain, metal alloys, and zirconia. They are designed to match your existing teeth in terms of shape, size, and color so that they blend in with your smile.

A dental crown procedure typically involves preparing the damaged tooth by removing any decay and reshaping it so that the crown can fit properly. The dentist then takes an impression of the prepared tooth which is used to create a customized crown made from porcelain or metal. The custom-made crown is then placed over the prepared tooth and secured with a strong adhesive.

During your dental crown treatment, we will remove any damaged tooth structure, re-shape the tooth and then take an impression that is used by our lab to create a customized restoration. In about two weeks, the crown is ready to be bonded over the tooth.

The result of this procedure is a restored natural-looking smile that can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. With today’s advanced technology, it’s possible to get high-quality dental crowns that looks like just natural teeth in just one visit with minimal discomfort or downtime.

Properly cared-for crowns can last for several years. If you suspect your tooth needs a crown, or if you have gone longer than 6 months since your last exam and cleaning, call East Indy Dental Care today. You may also contact us to inquire about same-day crowns or to schedule an appointment.

Dental Appointment at East Indy Dental Care

Proper dental care is what we aim to provide you at East Indy Dental Care. Taking care of your oral health is important for your overall well-being, that’s why regular dental appointments are essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums and avoid further dental issues that may occur. Dental crowns can be used to restore the appearance and function of damaged teeth, making it even more important to attend regular dental appointments.

We can also compile here some dental crown faqs to help you with your possible questions.