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Sherri Atwell
15:08 03 Oct 17
Dr. LeClere and her staff offer the best, most caring dental care we have ever experienced. She is great with kids of all ages as well as with kids and adults with special needs. Attentive caring people who never leave your kiddos sitting for long lengths of time alone allowing the numbing to wear off. They are gentle with kids and makes sure whoever is in the chair is completely numb before doing work! It is obvious the staff has a great rapport and the whole atmosphere of the place reflects it. We have been going here for years and are so thankful to have found a wonderful dentist after more than one bad experience!
Bertha G
14:44 17 Oct 17
Very thoughtful, considerate and friendly. I just moved here a few months ago and I must say I found a great dentist!!! My kids and I come here and I have a autistic son and usually he's skeptical about the dentist but he came out smiling after his procedure, they were very patient and understanding with him and I truly appreciated that. Highly recommended!
Aliescha New Castle, IN
13:46 31 Aug 17
Had my first visit at their office yesterday. I had not been clear when booking my appointment that I needed a cleaning. Once the exam was finished, the hygienist was kind enough to work me in and get it done. The whole staff was extremely friendly and professional. I would highly recommend their office if you are looking for a new dentist.
Amanda Wilson
22:59 28 Jun 17
Nice, friendly... They really care about the health of you teeth and gums. I have had several visits. I hadn't had dental care since I was about 14. I have a lot of anxiety going to the dentist. They have been great! They have my teeth looking better than they ever have. They take HIP which is also a plus!
Sarah Winn
18:34 22 Nov 17
Had my fist appointment today. I haven't seen a dentist in 12 years so I had 14 cavaties! Theyy made me feel right at home, judgment free! Dr. LeClere and her staff are the friendliest people that i have met and I have already recommended her to a fellow nurse that I work with. By far the best dental experience that I have ever had (besides cavity news).
Andre Wright
21:10 21 Mar 18
was told that this service wouldn’t cost me anything out of pocket because of my insurance would cover it, some where along the lines....somebody screwed up...so on my way out... i was told that my out of pocket is now 95$....she disappeared for 30mins... to return to ask me if i wanted them to bill me instead.....a professional would of took fault and by kept a loyal customer.... doubt i go back
Jenny Huss
21:54 21 Mar 18
Just went for a second visit the other day and was a little terrified. They knew, no doubt. Anyways, I'm scheduled to go back in 6 days and got a call and was offered the sedation option. I find people here, very kind though anxiety isn't just a "mind over matter" thing. They're very good at what they do. Thanks to this option, you may have a new client because my dad needs a dentist and he'll be my "overseer" for the sedation effects(get your schedules ready). Anyways, I'm blessed to have such a considerate dentist office in my neighborhood. Keep doing what you're doing. #officially #welcometoirvington #thanksforunderstanding
20:52 05 Apr 18
Great staff, wonderful Doctor. Highly recommend these folks.
Alesia Bond
14:07 18 Apr 18
The staff is really friendly and helpful, especially the front desk.The dental work was sufficient for the time being, but will lead to larger problems if I don't get it fixed. I went in for two fillings and they took away do much of my molars that they don't even come into occlusion anymore. They didn't use enough cement so there is a clear delination beween a ridge of enamel and the filling. They didn't even try to preserve the cusps on my molars so I have the flat, worn down molars of a 70 year old. I have to find another dentist to fix this because I don't trust them to do it, and if I don't get it fixed, I will have severe problems like TMJ in the future. Also, I have never been in this much pain after a precedure and to give some context, I have had 5 years worth of orthodontic work. I'm extremely disappointed with the work here, and people deserve more than salvage dentistry when there is nothing critically wrong with their teeth.
Stefanie Wilson
18:01 22 May 18
Don’t come here! I had a filling done here because I recently relocated to Indy and wanted to find a dentist. I had some complications after a general filling and had to drive all the way to South Bend to see my former dentist of 12 years to have it fixed. Apparently there was a crack in the filling that the hygienist caused—I was in excruciating pain for weeks and when I went back to figure out why—it seemed no one could figure it out. Most of the hygienists are not very friendly—they rush their work and I also don’t see any licensing on the walls for any of them. Some of them come from a temp agency to fill spots and that’s alarming. There isn’t a steady staff. The rooms aren’t ready when they bring you back either and I notice some safety and sanitary protocols aren’t being followed. I will never come back to Easy Indy Dental. And I advise all of you to follow suit.
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