Do I Really Need a Root Canal?

Teeth Whitening Smiling WomanRoot canals are like fillings inside of the nerve chamber. They are used when an infection has reached deep into the tooth. Simply covering that infection with a filling or crown would trap it in place, causing repetitive abscesses. The only option other than a root canal is to have the tooth extracted.


Can My Tooth be Filled Instead of Crowned?

When can a tooth no longer have a filling but need something more complex like a crown? When there is no longer enough tooth structure to “fill.” Having enough healthy enamel to support the filling during everyday use is essential, otherwise the tooth will break apart and be non-restorable. Crowns cover the entire tooth and help even very weak teeth to last several more years.

Do I Need a Deep Cleaning?

If you have evidence of deep gum pockets, a deep cleaning is essential. Regular home care will not reverse this phase of gum disease on its own. By removing buildup from these deep areas, you can prevent tooth and bone loss.

Why Are My Child’s Teeth Yellow?

Adult teeth have very thick dentin below the enamel. By nature, dentin is yellow in appearance, giving adult teeth a different color than baby teeth (which have very little dentin, and are consequently very white in color.)

My Child’s Teeth are Erupting Behind Their Baby Teeth. Is This Normal?

Sometimes this happens, but it is nothing to be alarmed about. The permanent tooth usually begins to push the baby tooth out of place until it becomes loose and falls out on its own.

Is Whitening Safe?

Absolutely. Our gels use natural ingredients that lift stain particles from the pores of the teeth, providing straightforward results that are extremely noticeable. Click here to learn more about our teeth whitening services.

How Often Do I Need X-Rays?

Woman with Dental MirrorLow radiation digital x-rays are an important part of assessing your oral health and screening for complex dental problems. Most adults require bitewing x-rays once a year, or a full mouth series of films every 3 to 5 years.

Am I A Candidate for Sedation?

Most healthy patients are candidates for sedation. We will review your medical history with you prior to recommending the treatment. One of the most common contraindications for nitrous sedation is a blocked airway due to sinus infections.

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