Our Convenient Sedation Options Keep You Comfortable

Woman Being Treated with NitrousIf you’ve ever needed a lot of dental work done or just feel nervous about going to the dentist in general, our sedation options can keep you comfortable throughout your entire visit.

Many of our patients request sedation for:

  • Longer, more complex treatments
  • Mild to severe anxiety
  • Ultimate relaxation during their appointment
  • Having all of the treatment completed at one time
  • Safe, convenient treatment in a dental office setting

Oral Sedation DentistryEast Indy Dental Care offers three different sedation options for our patients to choose from:

Nitrous Oxide

Oral Sedation

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for Me?

Our Indianapolis sedation dentist can help you decide whether or not sedation is right for you. In most cases, sedation is perfect for people who just want to relax! You may feel like sedation is going a bit overboard for routine treatments like crowns or fillings, but it can make your experience a positive one that you will be happy with.

How Much is Sedation Dentistry in Indianapolis?

The amount of your sedation appointment at our Indianapolis dental office will depend on the type of sedation that you choose. We literally have something for every budget! If you’ve been putting dental treatment off because you are afraid that sedation might be too expensive – it’s time to think again. Our Indianapolis sedation dental office will be happy to explain all of the fees during your treatment plan consultation so that you will know exactly what to expect.

In the end, you will actually save money by catching up on your dental treatment under sedation instead of putting it off for your oral health needs to only get worse.

Stop delaying your dental care because of past experiences. You owe it to yourself to call and find out how sedation dentistry can help you enjoy a stronger, more beautiful smile. Call today to schedule your first visit to our Indianapolis dentist office.

Which option is right for you? Call us to discuss the benefits of sedation dentistry at East Indy Dental Care.