Searching for the Best “Dentist Near Me”

Imagine, you wake up in the morning (or worse, in the middle of the night) to a toothache or have multiple teeth that hurt. Imagine, you bite into that ice cube in your afternoon drink and break a tooth. Imagine you are eating your loved gummy bears or taffy and you pull an old crown right off your teeth. These are all very common oral health situations in dentistry requiring an emergency dentist.

Dentist Near Me Dr Sarah LeClere DDS

Photo of Dr. Sarah LeClere, DDS

What do you as the patient, or potential patients do? Do you call that dentist office you have been going to for the past few years? They are clear across town and it will take you at least 30 minutes to get over there, more if you hit traffic. Or do you try and find another dentist closer to your home? You are having pain and need dentistry now.

How to Find a Dental Practice Nearby

So, you pull out your phone and Google “dentist in Indianapolis”. Instantly, you are given 10 pages of dental offices in the Indianapolis area. Are you going to take the time to sift through all 10 pages and see which practice is the most close to you, and which one you think will best serve your oral health and overall care?

Let’s be honest, you probably won’t pass the 3rd page at the most. This is a great example of one of the many reasons why searching Google for “dentist near me” as opposed to “dentist in Indianapolis” or “Indianapolis dentists” is a better search for someone looking for dentistry or a different dental office.

For starters, how can you use Google to make sure you are getting a great dental practice like East Indy Dental Care? To begin with, when you place the phrase “dentists near me” in your search bar, you are given a more localized result, which makes your list of dentistry offices to peruse shorter.

These are going to be dentistry offices that are, that’s right, near you. Google also provides you with all of the basic information that you would need for these dental offices – phone number, address, map location, website address, specialty and one of the most important pieces of information, their Google reviews.

For many, these reviews are the most helpful, allowing previous or current patients to tell you why or why not their office is the best. Typically, the more reviews the better, helping potential patients make a more informed decision.

Once you have decided to look for a “dentist near to me”, you will experience the advantage of location!

Real estate agents and investors always say that location is the most important thing about any home or business, and dental offices are no different!

Being a patient at a local dental office will give you a better chance at not only making that 6 month dental cleaning, but also dentistry appointments that require multiple appointment visits for patients. These often more complex procedures, such as dental implants, multiple large fillings, dental crowns, and large restorative dentistry can sometimes require 2, 3, or even more visits to complete.

Photo of an Invisalign Dentist Holding Trays

Photo of an Invisalign Dentist Dr. Sarah LeClere, DDS Holding Clear Aligners

Orthodontia is another area of dentistry that requires numerous visits. These visits – which can consist of impressions, placing brackets, changing bands, changing clear tray aligners (Invisalign), removal of brackets, and delivery of retainers – often necessitate visits every 3-6 weeks for 6 months or longer. Do you really want to be driving across town that often? Probably not!

Choosing a new office such as East Indy Dental Care will also make planning and organizing your life much easier.

Easily pick up the kids from school for dentist appointments and dental cleanings, limiting the amount of school that is missed (Sorry kiddos!). Or, still be able to make that study group at your local church. Or, stop off at Wyliepalooza for a scoop of Zanzibar Chocolate as a reward for your good brushing and no cavities! Dental offices that are close, are close to the things that matter.

As you look for a new family dentist to maintain your optimal oral health, there are many different aspects to look for.

Obviously, a quality dental office is one that performs the services you and your family need most – dental cleanings, restorative dentistry, dental crowns, etc. But a dentist nearby will make your life easier to squeeze those sometimes dreaded dental appointments into your busy, crazy life. Give East Indy Dental Care a call and enjoy being a part of their dental family!

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