If you live on the Eastside of Indianapolis or in the surrounding communities, East Indy Dental Care is the best choice for your whole family’s dental care. We are Indiana’s premier pediatric dentistry practice and we’d love to have you schedule your child’s first visit with us.


Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

Generally, we recommended your child visit the dentist within 6 months after the first tooth arrives or by age 12 months. Some parents like to bring their children into the office for a brief visit before the first appointment, so the kids can see that it’s not a place to be scared of, especially when the dentist is as child-friendly as Dr. Sara LeClere. Whatever your choice, the East Side team will do everything we can to make that first visit a happy memory.


What to Expect During Your First Visit

More than anything, this visit allows the child to meet their pediatric dentist in a casual, friendly way. You might be asked to sit in the chair and hold your child to keep him or her calm or to wait in reception so the child and dentist can develop their own relationship.

The dentist will check the existing teeth, look over the bite (how the teeth mesh when the mouth is closed) and see if there are any developing problems with the gums, jaws or other tissues. The dental hygienist may clean the teeth and the dentist will discuss oral hygiene with both patient and parent.

Some teeth have naturally deep grooves and pits, so a dental sealant – a protective coating – may be applied to help prevent decay from forming in these vulnerable areas. Fluoride is a natural element which encourages healthy tooth development and helps enamel stay strong, making teeth cavity-resistant. When they’re needed, the earlier these treatments start, the more problems they can prevent.


Make Your Pediatric Dentistry Appointment Today

New faces are always welcome at East Indy Dental Care, and new patients of all ages will get a thorough examination and recommendations for needed services. Generally, very little will be needed for new pediatric patients but, if there is a problem, we have a full range of services to get your little ones on the road to a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Call us or message us; you’ll be glad you did.