Simple, Reliable Smile Rehabilitation with Dentures and Partials

Full DenturesIf you’re missing teeth from decay or oral disease, then East Indy Dental Care can help. Dentures and partial dentures offer our patients a straightforward, economical option for their smile rehabilitation.

Full Mouth Dentures

A full mouth denture replaces all of your teeth at one time. Sometimes called a “plate,” dentures are built on an acrylic base with functional, aesthetic teeth mounted onto the prosthesis. We carefully design the denture so that it improves your facial profile, aesthetics, and returns normal function to your smile.

Partial Dentures

Woman with DenturesPartial dentures let us maximize the healthy teeth you still have. Instead of removing them for a full denture to be made, we make a partial denture to work around your existing teeth. Since the partial clasps around these teeth, it also frees up space throughout the mouth and allows these types of prostheses to be as streamlined as possible.

Most denture and partial denture treatments take 2 to 3 visits to complete, depending on whether or not any teeth need to be removed. For a no-hassle exam and consultation, call our Indianapolis dental office.