Children’s Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN

Start encouraging healthy dental habits as soon as the first tooth pops out. By brushing (and flossing once two touching teeth protrude) your child’s first teeth, you get them used to the sensation.

If you have multiple children, have the older ones help teach the younger siblings how to brush too. This type of group learning has been found to be encouraging for both the teacher and student. It also helps to discourage any fears associated with brushing and flossing as younger siblings often want to appear as “big and tough” as their older counterparts.

Making the routine fun can also help dispel any fears. For example, playing a two-minute song while brushing can make the experience seem exciting and silly instead of long and scary. (Dentists recommend everyone should brush their teeth for at least two minutes to ensure a clean mouth.) You could also create a reward system that encourages a daily dental routine.

Gentle, Compassionate Dental Care in Indianapolis

At East Indy Dental Care – we understand how scary the dental process can be. This is why we recommend you begin making annual or semi-annual trips to the dentist’s office as soon as your child’s first tooth appears. During these early visits, your dentist in Indianapolis, IN will work on creating a bond with your child and lessening the mystery of the dental office.

We may ask you to sit in the dentist’s chair, holding your child, as we proceed with our exam. As they grow, the dentist may ask you to stay in the waiting room while we perform the exam to encourage honest, one-on-one talks about dental care. We have found some children feel uncomfortable admitting to failing to brush their teeth or not knowing how to floss in front of their parents.

The staff and dentist at East Indy Dental Care want your child to enjoy their dental experiences. Our pediatric services are aimed at keeping your child’s smile beautiful and encouraging them to maintain healthy habits.

To find out more about the pediatric services at East Indy Dental Care, contact us today.