High Definition Intraoral Photography

Patient Looking at Intraoral PhotoOur high-resolution intraoral imaging device puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to diagnosing and treatment planning around your personal oral health needs.

With intraoral photography, you can:

  • See exactly what our dentist sees
  • Understand why some conditions may be asymptomatic
  • Take images home to discuss with your family
  • Have better knowledge about our treatment recommendations
  • Monitor changes in conditions from visit to visit

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Dentist Looking through ScopeDuring your exam, if we find any suspicious areas or concerns, we will use the intraoral camera to capture an image that is then displayed on the monitor in the treatment room. That way you can easily discuss what findings there are and review options for repairing affected teeth.

If you’ve ever wanted to “see things for yourself” and dental x-rays didn’t cut it, then you will love the intraoral camera that we have at East Indy Dental Care. Ask us about checking in on problem areas during your next visit by calling us today.