Restorative Dental Crowns

Crown PicAs teeth break down or decay, they may finally reach a point where they can no longer support regular use without the risk of fracturing down any further. Crowns are a restorative option that preserves tooth function for several more years.

What is a Crown?

Crowns cover the entire tooth surface that is visible above the gum lines. They are sometimes called “caps.” Each crown is designed to resemble the teeth next to it, so that it restores aesthetics as well as form. East Indy Dental Care uses high-grade materials that are durable yet look like natural tooth enamel.

When Do Teeth Need Crowns?

Some of the most common reasons a tooth may need a crown include:

  • Teeth that are treated with a root canal
  • Large, failing restorations
  • Fractured enamel
  • Trauma
  • Deep, severe decay

Indianapolis Porcelain Crowns

Our Indianapolis dental crowns are usually made of porcelain. Porcelain makes your crown both functional as well as serves a cosmetic purpose. Your newly restored tooth will be durable and beautiful all at the same time. In our Indianapolis dentist office we use quality porcelain materials that withstand normal biting and chewing function. Each one is custom matched to look like the teeth next to it!

Cost of Crown Treatments

Many people avoid getting dental treatment because of the cost. Our Indianapolis dental crowns protect your tooth so that you don’t need more expensive treatments later on. If you carry dental insurance, we can apply those coverage amounts toward your dental crown treatment.

For amounts left over that may not be covered by insurance, or for Indianapolis patients who do not have dental coverage – we invite you to check out our flexible financing options. Our Indianapolis dental office makes financing your crown easy to do. Make affordable monthly payments and get fast approval, so that your smile needs are not put off before it is too late.

Keeping You Comfortable During Treatment

All crown treatments are performed by first numbing the tooth that is being worked on. That way you do not experience any discomfort or sensitivity. You can also request sedation dentistry at our Indianapolis office to help you relax!

The Crown Procedure


During your crown treatment, we will remove any damaged tooth structure, re-shape the tooth and then take an impression that is used by our lab to create a customized restoration. In about two weeks, the crown is ready to be bonded over the tooth.

Properly cared for crowns can last for several years. If you suspect your tooth needs a crown, or if you have gone longer than 6 months since your last exam and cleaning, call East Indy Dental Care today.