Mouth Guards Save Smiles

Wearing SleepguardHaving insurance is one way to reduce the out of pocket expenses you have for dental care, but having a mouth guard reduces the amount of dental care that you need!

Fracture and Concussion Prevention

Wearing a mouth guard during sporting activities is important for your smile; wearing a professionally fitted guard is important for your safety. Not only does a professionally made athletic guard stay in place if an accident occurs and prevent tooth fractures, it can also prevent concussions caused by accidental trauma.

Woman Putting Mouthguard In

Protection Against Grinding and Migraines

If you are prone to clenching, grinding, or TMJ disorder, then a mouth guard can offer protection against tooth wear and headaches. Our custom fitted guards can be comfortably worn at night or during the day to protect against excessive wear or muscle strain caused by bruxism.

Protect your teeth from damage, wear or accidents. An impression is all that we need to get started. Schedule a quick visit at East Indy Dental Care to have your custom mouth guard made today.