Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

Bridge 1Bridges are fixed restorations that replace one or two missing teeth at one time. Each bridge spans the open space of the missing tooth with a false crown that is supported by a functional crown on each end of the prosthesis.

Your Bridge Procedure

Having a dental bridge made usually takes two appointƒments. At your first visit we will prepare your supporting teeth for anchoring the prosthesis and then take an impression. In about two weeks, you will return for the bridge to be permanently bonded to the teeth.

What do Dental Bridges Look Like?

Your bridge will look like you have new teeth again. Each of our Indianapolis dental bridges is expertly designed the same way our crowns are. We select a shade of porcelain that resembles the color of your adjacent teeth, allowing your new bridge to look natural when you smile.

Do I Need a Bridge?

If you have missing teeth, our Indianapolis dental bridges can help the rest of your smile stay straight and healthy. In most cases, we recommend replacing your missing teeth as quickly as possible. A bridge is used when there is at least one healthy tooth on each side of your missing tooth or teeth. However, they can only span the space of up to two missing teeth in most cases.

When we perform bridge treatments at our dental office in Indianapolis, we want to be sure that the teeth on each side of the missing teeth are structurally healthy enough to support the prosthesis.

Affordable Dental Bridges in Indianapolis

The cost of your dental bridge will depend on how many teeth are missing and whether or not you have any dental insurance coverage. If you don’t have insurance or still need to make payments on a portion of your bridge, we have affordable financing options so that you don’t have to put your treatment off.

Caring for Your Bridge

Bridge Graphic

Proper care and maintenance will help your bridge last as long as possible. Because bridges are anchored onto supporting teeth, those teeth must be kept clean and free of decay or periodontal disease. Using a floss threader or water flosser under and around the bridge each day is essential. Regular dental check-ups will also allow us to identify concerns while they are reversible.

Most insurance is accepted and financing options are available. Call for more details.